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What Our Clients Say

Mobile Services has been a lifesaver to most of my clients and myself because they are willing to travel to my areas to provide superb services especially to my clients who do not have transportation ………..my clients love talking with people that they feel understands them.

– Rachel Coston, A Caring Heart Case Management, Inc.

Dr. Steve’s work with athletes is on the cutting edge of mental training. The techniques that he employs to help athletes reach their goals are proven to be effective time and time again.”

Travis Lutter, Professional MMA, Ultimate Fighter Season 4 winner

(Dr. Steve) You really are “making” it happen, big part of the mental game if you catch my meaning. Anyways I really like your work (MMA Study)… I would love to get it again, really was an interesting and Great read.

Denis Kang, Professional MMA, UFC, PRIDE Fighting Championships

What an invaluable resource! Dr. Steve is so helpful, friendly, and professional. Hi came to each site and made the individuals feel so at ease. I highly recommend his services and am spreading the word about the great job that they do!

– Stephanie K. Morrison, QP, BS, Monarch (Supervised Living Centers)

Thanks to you (Dr. Steve) and your team for working with us to ensure that the people we serve are receiving the services that they need.

– Kathleen Schultheis, Director, A Caring Heart, Inc.

Dr. Steve has been a huge asset for me, I’ve never trained my mind for a fight before, and I feel even stronger going into this fight…he made me realize that I need to be training that (the mind), as well as my body.

Pat “Bam Bam” Healy, Professional MMA, Strikeforce, UFC, Team Quest

Dr Steve has proven to be an integral part of our team since he started working with Pat “Bam Bam” Healy and our other athletes. Mental skill training in my opinion is as important as technique or being well conditioned for top athletes. The top performers understand the importance of training all areas and do not discount the importance of mental skills.

Matt "The Law" Lindland, Elite Coach & MMA, Olympic Wrestler, Team Quest Founder, Future Hall of Famer

Dr. Steve! You has been invaluable, and we really appreciate you working with us!

– Stephanie, Residential Program Manager @ Easter Seals UCP