Team Culture Keys

Team Culture Keys

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Moving Towards a Company Culture like @Zappos

Creating a distinct company culture is imperative in successful and sustainable business practice. In Delivering Happiness, @TonyHsieh, CEO of @Zappos, a wildly successful online retailer, discusses his methods and philosophies for creating a successful business based upon culture.

Delivering Happiness discusses how company culture is reflected in and out of the office and working toward happiness can lead to success in business.

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Hsieh notes that advertising is a small portion of creating a successful business, culture is more important and should receive more attention than advertising. “You cannot buy your way into a great business.” A great business starts with a great culture.

Creating a solid company culture begins with a hiring and training. Training should be extensive and ongoing. Creating a company culture does not end after a probationary period is completed. Employees should be challenged to continue to commit to the company’s core values and become company ambassadors.

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1Hiring professionals who fit within company culture.
Zappos has used a two-part interviewing process. First, a screening to review the applicant’s relevant experience, technical abilities, and potential. Next, to determine if their core values match the company’s culture.

2Training as a means to communicate expectations and company culture.
Hsieh discusses orientation trainings as well as ongoing employee training to ensure employees are learning company culture. Zappos has offered financial incentives to employees during the probationary periods. This is a method used to ensure employees are there for more than just money. Hsieh indicates approximately 1% of the employees opt for the financial incentive to quit.

3Continual Commitment to create constant culture.
Many companies communicate a culture during their introduction trainings. Core values, mission, and philosophies are overtaken by busyness and perceived productivity. As a means to create constant culture, Zappos has provided mandatory trainings, team building exercises, and informal business functions.

4Creating Company Ambassadors to represent your business and be the front line of marketing.
There is no better marketing tool than an enthusiastic and knowledgeable employee.

A potential client’s interaction with an employee in public can make or break a reputation. Ensuring that employees have values that are similar to company values is imperative. Business owners and employees working together to meet each other’s needs aid everyone in functioning at their highest potential.

Happy employees make great ambassadors for any business. Happy business owners are able to guide employees, ensure core values are being honored, and increase profits.

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