Child and Adolescent


We offer a variety of psychological services for children, teens, and their families to assist them in overcoming difficulties.

Child and Adolescent services include testing, evaluations, therapy, behavior plans, addiction treatment, and parenting skills.

Individual, group, and family therapy is available in the office, throughout the community and/or online Webcam sessions (e.g., Skype).

Special Services: The Mental Training Program and the KidsWOD Group (Workout of the Day) can be applied to school-aged children for an array of problems including: self-esteem, learning, attention span, hyperactivity, impulsive behavior, anxiety, mood disorders and behavioral problems.

Psychological Testing and Treatment For Children

We believe that psychological testing is particularly valuable in children. Due to the difficulty in diagnosing children and the importance of having a comprehensive picture of a child’s emotional and cognitive strengths and weaknesses to help guide treatment options. Special programs designed for children include:

  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Behavioral management
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