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Balancing Integration and Differentiation

Balancing Integration and Differentiation w/ Matthew Mitchell @WilsonPractice Integration is as a method to understand a number of phenomenon. Dr. Dan Siegel discusses integration as a means of understanding relationships in parenting, friendships, and romantic love. How do we support each other in a relationship and in individualization? Can balancing relationships and a maintenance of […]

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Brief Brain Integration

Brief Brain Integration w/ DrSteve @SportsShrink & Matthew Mitchell @WilsonPractice Integration of the brain is imperative to Achieve Your Personal Best. @DrDanSiegel explains we can create experiences that integrate different parts of our brains and our children’s brains. For example, a brain that is use to hours of screen time (computer, video games etc.) is […]

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Understanding Basic Brain Integration

Understanding basic Brain Integration w/ DrSteve @SportsShrink & Matthew Mitchell @WilsonPractice “With our mind we make the world.” – Gautama Buddha Understanding Brain integration increases your wellbeing and optimizes your ability to achieve success. The brain is comprised of multiple parts. @DrDanSiegel emphasizes that we have left, right, upper, and lower brains. The parts each […]

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Integrate Your Brain And Mental Training

Integrate Your Brain & Mental Training w/ DrSteve @SportsShrink & Matt Mitchell @WilsonPractice “Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” -Marcus Aurelius We all spend a good portion of our lives trying to create some sense of well-being. We go to work to […]

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